1. How do I know what size F Cancer bracelet to buy?

F Cancer bracelets are unisex and come in three sizes. If you are buying a bracelet as a gift, the most popular size for women is medium and for men, large. The F Cancer bracelet is a cuff style as shown in the photo below . To decide which size is right for you, measure your wrist then choose the nearest size that is smaller than your measurement.

Bracelet size:

Small        15 cm -- 6 inches

Medium    16.5 cm -- 6.5 inches

Large        18 cm -- 7 inches

f cancer bracelet images

2. I ordered a bracelet and it’s not the right size. Can I exchange it? 

Yes, however, you are responsible for shipping the bracelet back to our warehouse as well as the difference in cost if you need a larger size and will be charged to ship the replacement bracelet, so please check your wrist size carefully when ordering. 

3. I’ve broken or cracked my bracelet. Can I return it?

No, unfortunately we do not offer repairs. It is best to take your bracelet to your local jeweller and ask them directly to repair it. If you would like to order a new bracelet instead, please use the size chart above to confirm that you have the correct size. The F Cancer bracelet is not designed to be squeezed open and closed as this will make the silver brittle and liable to break or crack.

4. How do I take the F Cancer bracelet on and off without damaging it?

The F Cancer bracelet is a cuff design and it is not made to be opened and closed. To fit your bracelet, turn it sideways and slip the opening over the soft upper part of your wrist. If the opening is too big or too small, please adjust the fit gently.

5. How do I care for my F Cancer Jewelry?

Keep your F Cancer jewelry inside its plastic bag to minimize tarnishing. Clean with a soft rouge polishing cloth, or through a professional jeweller. Dips or liquid cleaners are not recommended. Chemicals in hairstyling salons and dish washing liquids may cause discolouration, so please treat your bracelet kindly.

6. I am seeking items for a charity auction to benefit a cancer cause. Does F Cancer donate bracelets to charity auctions?

Yes. Please contact us directly and tell us about your cause. If your charity meets our criteria, we would be happy to donate a bracelet.

7. I would like to get a tattoo of the F Cancer artwork. Can I do that with your permission?

Yes. Please contact us directly and we will forward you the artwork at no charge. Please note it is our copyright. The artwork may not be used for any purposes other than for the tattoo and it cannot be given to anyone else without our consent.

man with a f cancer tattoo on forearm      

8. I'd like to have a piece of F Cancer jewelry custom-made in gold. How much would that be? 

Custom-made jewelry is individually priced based on the piece and the amount of precious metal used. A ring would be anywhere from $900 - $1200 depending on the size. A bracelet would be approximately $2500 depending on the cost of gold at the time. Please contact us directly for more information.


9. Is there nickel in the silver or copper used to make the F Cancer bracelets?

No. Our bracelets are made from 92.5 % pure sterling silver imported from Germany. The remaining 7.5 % is copper, which is added for strength as silver is a relatively soft metal. The copper bracelets are made from pure copper.

10. Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us directly at susanfiedler@me.com